My goal has always been to tell stories and make a connection. Photography has proven to be such a wonderful and powerful media. It’s true that every picture tells a story, but some photos really move and connect us. A good photograph can grab us without words or language and share something that lasts. I love that.


Over the years, the camera has allowed me to explore ideas of home, emotion and culture. When I travel, I can bring home part of what I experienced. And shooting itself can become a very intimate way to connect. It’s a real team effort to bring an image to life, between me and the subject and for all the team members that bring their expertise and vision to the shot. It’s more than a moment in time, captured, it’s an experience shared. 


Every shoot is different and that allows us to continually learn more. How fortunate we are to be able to be continually enriched. Whether we are working with an art director or designer with a specific and approved storyboard or I’m deep in the bush of Africa, every shoot brings new experiences and new ways to see. And I feel damn fortunate to work with some of the brightest most creative people on the planet and share stories with them.